Each year CORAS collaborates with university faculty and public schools in the region to complete a research project on topics that impact the schools and families in Ohio’s Appalachian Counties. These final reports can be accessed through the Archives to the right. For further information or suggestions for upcoming research, contact Associate Director Cindy Hartman, at


Programs and Initiatives that Improve Achievement, Attendance and Reduce Disciplinary Issues In Appalachian Ohio Schools

Authors: Lindsey Ladd and Vlad Pascal, Data Science Center

The Patton College of Education, Ohio University 

CORAS 2019 Policy Brief Final

2016- 17

ESSA Policy Brief         CORAS white paper brief ESSA

Author  Dr. Charles Lowery, Ohio University

ESSA  Draft Recommendations to ODE   CORAS response to Ohio’s Draft ESSA plan-4

Authored by CORAS Superintendents, edited by Dr. Stephanie Starcher


2012 Policy Brief
Authors: Dr. David Horton, Dr. Aimee Howley and Lindsey Ladd, Ohio University

2011 Research Reports
Author: Dr. Craig Howley, Ohio University

2009 – 2010 Research Reports
Authors: Dr. Dianne Gut, Dr. Pam Beam, Dr. Larry Burgess and Dr. Guofang Wan, Ohio University

2008 Research Reports
Authors: Dr. Aimee Howley, Dr. Larry Burgess, Marged Howley and Gregory Alexander, Ohio University

2005 Research Report

Authors: Dr.Aimee Howley, Solange Andrianaivo and Jessica Perry

The Pain Outweighs the Gain:  Why Teachers Don’t Want to Become Principals


2003 Research Bulletin

Attracting Principals to the Superintendency

Authors: Aimee Howley, Edwina Pendarvis, Tom Gibbs



2002 Research Bulletin

The Conditions of Superintendent’s Work