July CORAS Meeting

Join us at an important meeting on July 20th at the Olde Dutch Inn in Logan at 9:30 AM to discuss your suggestions for CORAS moving forward. Members should have received an agenda but topics include:

SE Ohio’s role in politics by Zack Space

“State of Play” in Columbus/Current CORAS Initiatives by Will Drabold

“How do Superintendents sustain/advance the CORAS Lgeislative Momentum”

“What is the Superintendent’s Vision for CORAS 2022-23?”

You can find registration and Zoom information on our Meeting Page.

The mission of the Coalition is to advocate for and support the public schools of rural Appalachia Ohio in the continuous improvement of educational opportunities available to the region’s children and youth. CORAS also may also support and join with similar efforts throughout the state to improve educational opportunities for all children.

The Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools represents school districts drawn from the 32 county region of Ohio designated as Appalachia and other counties ad institutions of higher education in the region. CORAS is under the governance structure of the Regional Council of Governments and is funded through membership dues and support from the Ohio University Patton College of Education.