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At the September 14 CORAS Meeting (in Logan), we will discuss the latest state and federal versions of ESSA.   At this meeting we also hope to welcome new State Superintendent, Paolo DiMaria. DeMaria comes to this position with  extensive finance experience as an advisor for the state Senate, for former governors George Voinovich and Bob Taft and for the Ohio Department of Education. He has also served as executive vice chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents and has worked since 2010 for Education First Consulting.

An Advocate For Ohio’s Rural Appalachian School Children For Over Two Decades

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The Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools, in partnership with the Ohio University College of Education, is an organization composed of 136 school districts, institutions of higher learning and other educational agencies in the 35-county region of Ohio designated as Appalachia. School districts in neighboring counties, institutions of higher education and related organizations may become members of the Coalition. The Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools is under the governance structure of a Regional Council of Governments and is funded through membership dues and support from the Ohio University College of Education.

The Coalition’s Mission and Goals


The mission of the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools is to advocate for and support the public schools of Appalachia Ohio in the continuous improvement of educational opportunities available to all the region’s children. This statement of mission acknowledges that the region’s public schools are an integral part of the public education system for Ohio and that the Coalition may support and join with similar efforts throughout the State to improve the educational opportunities for all children.


1. To seek equity in Ohio’s system of school funding and adequacy of educational opportunity for all of Ohio’s children.

2. To support the continuous development of educational leadership throughout the region’s public school systems.

3. To identify and analyze policy issues that impact the effectiveness, strength, and character of the public school system and to formulate and communicate position statements in response to these issues.

4. To sponsor and promote the use of research and to share successful practices for improving educational opportunities for all children in the CORAS region.